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Congratulations to our 2010-2011 HSEF Educator Grant Recipients! We have awarded nineteen grants totaling $28,940.

Thank you to all our donors who make awarding these grants possible. Your gift creates amazing opportunities for Howard-Suamico School District students and classrooms.

Congratulations to all of our grant recipients. We can't wait to see your grants in action.

2010-2011 Educator Grants

WASC Leadership Camp ($200): Anna Hoffman, Bay View Student

Building Literacy Team ($500): Sue Tegen, Howard Elementary

Surveillance Rocket ($300): Mike Phillips, Bay Port High School

Mass Driver Project ($1,000): Mike Phillips & Blake Greisinger, Bay Port High School

Formula High School Team ($2,100): Mike Caelwarts & Blake Greisinger, Bay Port High School

School Rocket ($300): Leanne Younk & Mike Phillips, Bay Port High School

Flip cameras and access ($1,375): Nicole Splan & Lisa Ives, Lineville Intermediate

Flip camera ($220): Katie Van Asten, Meadowbrook Elementary

Classroom set of iPads ($5,000): Eve Wozniak, Lineville Intermediate

WASC Leadership Camp ($175): Emily Prosser, Bay Port Student

Suamico School Tech Upgrade ($4,000): Michelle Wick & Ryan Welnetz, Suamico Elementary

Flip camera ($220): Melissa Socha, Suamico Elementary

DECA Nationals Trip ($2,000): Lindsay Matuszewski, Bay Port High School

4th grade FG iPads ($5,000): Megan Zavernik, Forest Glen Elementary

Skills USA ($200): Theodoros Shim, Bay Port Student

WASC Leadership Camp ($150): Jonathan Jordan, Bay View Student

SmartBoard ($1,000): Andrew Zipperer, Lineville Intermediate

15 Ipads and Cart ($5,000): Lisa Ives, Lineville Intermediate

National History Day ($200): Jonas Wells, Bay View Student